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In parallel with my university training in Psychology (University of Paris Descartes, Paris V), I undertook psychoanalytical training in 1995, with Dr Jean Begoin (neuropsychiatrist and psychoanalyst, member of the Société Psychanalytique de Paris, known for having contributed to the introduction of Kleinian thought in France).

Apart from the classical psychoanalytic cure, I trained in the United States in shorter therapeutic treatments of psychoanalytic orientation such as brief psychoanalytic psychotherapy and so-called focal psychotherapy (designed by Michael Balint, a student of Sandor Ferenczi.)

I am certified sexologist in Functional Clinical Sexology but I am also inspired by sexoanalysis (therapy applied to sexual disorders, forged by Claude Crépault) which constitutes a psychoanalytical approach in clinical sexology.

This study of the sexual unconscious (and its clinical applications) allows us to discover the sexual conflicts and unconscious anxieties that the sexual disorder carries.


Psychoanalytic theory is one of the natural sources of knowledge in sexology and it has made the Western world aware of the reality of a sexual world: "Psychoanalysis can be considered as a model of sexological knowledge" (Georges Abraham - "Psychoanalysis and sexological therapies" 1978).

I was also interested in the Rogerian method (by Carl Rogers), also called "Person Centred Approach" and its impact on Self-esteem, an inner attitude at the core of interpersonal relationships on which I have worked a lot.

As a couple-oriented psychoanalyst and sexologist, I work more widely on sexual desire, eroticism in " long-term " relationships but also on dysfunctional behaviours within a couple relationship (manipulation, humiliation, aggressiveness of one of the spouses, etc...) and on sexual dependencies (addiction to cybersex, addiction to prostitution, etc...).

I also focus on the major upheavals faced by couples (stepfamilies, infidelities, gradual decline of the conjugal bond, loss of erotic desire or absence of sexual libido,...) but also on issues linked to the difficulty that some people encounter in establishing an emotional relationship with others.

After living and working in the USA (Seattle), I set up an online consultation service (by video) for expatriates or people living far from my office in Paris.


Whether in my office or through video, it is with empathy and a lot of benevolence that I handle the therapeutic relationship that is established with the person who entrusts me his difficulties and wounds, because, as Serge Tisseron evokes, "the therapist who shows an empathic attitude allows a situation to be set up in which his patient begins to give himself representations of his past traumas without fear of finding himself there alone".


My clinical priority? To support the human being in search of change or suffering and let him know that by joining his humanity with mine, he is no longer alone.

Cécilia Commo is Member of :​

The French Society of Clinical Sexology - SFSC

The National Union of Clinical Sexologists

​The American Psychological Association -  APA

The Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute - SPSI



Cécilia Commo gives lectures on :


"Understand why erotism and desire need an active engagement for the long haul" (Bali - February 2019)

"The couple: where does the manipulation begin?" (Paris - June 2015)

"Infidelity, a psychic earthquake: before/after" (Paris - October 2017)

"Porn addiction: an expensive anxiolytic" (Seattle - April 2014)

"The couple's sexuality after pregnancy: a sexuality without procreation" (Bali - 2019)

"Lack of sexuality: symptom of an unspoken language?" (Paris - May 2018)

"Is more communication a solution?" (Bali - February 2019)

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Training, Education & Certification


• Sexology training focused on couples (training led by Dr Philippe Brenot, Paris, France)

• Clinical sexology Certificate (training courses provided by Dr François De Carufel - PHD, Paris, France)

• Brief Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy & Focal Therapy training (AEDP Institute,Seattle, États-Unis)

• State of accomplishment for the "Irrational Behavior" course (provided by Dan Ariely, Duke University, Durham, États-Unis)

• Didactical psychoanalysis with Dr J. Begoin, member of the Psychoanalytic Society of Paris - SPP 

• University Qualification in Psychology  (Paris V - University Paris Descartes - Cycle I) 

Face-to-Face Sessions

8 rue Décamps

75016 Paris - France

Landline : +33 1 47 55 16 17

Mobile : +33 6 33 01 15 76


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Cecilia Commo is an english speaking sex therapist and couple therapist