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These guided conversations are there to help you understand the conflicts in your couple, to preserve the sensitivity of your spouse in delicate moments of life, to resume a dialogue when you can no longer listen to yourself, to restore the confidence and the complicity that you most certainly had at the start of your relationship, to enrich your intimate and sexual life and to support each other because the very idea of the couple resides in the belief that together we are stronger.

Give yourself quality time, in a positive context without interference (no phone, work, TV), without being disturbed (children, friends), and start your conversation.

The fact that these conversations are guided (developed by Cécilia Commo) allows you to distance yourself and feel secure as if you were in the office of a couple therapist.

Guides intimes Cécilia Commo

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Three conversations offered: Acceptance, Communication and Privacy. After registering your e-mail, you can download the three grouped conversations as a PDF document, easily readable on various devices (tablets, smartphone, computer with various software such as Kindle, eBook, etc.).

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