Here is a practical guide to improve your sexual intercourse and allow you to control your arousal.


Sexuality is a learning process. As your sex life progresses, you learn to appreciate sexuality by discovering your body and all the sensations it can give you. But sometimes bad learning has blocked you at a point where frustration and shame lock you in a vicious cycle.

How to take advantage of his excitement while controlling his ejaculation? What methods really work? What does a woman appreciate in penetration? How to learn to penetrate differently?

With frankness and simplicity, the sexologist Cécilia Commo answers all these questions clearly and straightforward. It allows you to understand everything that leads a man to ejaculate too quickly, and allows you to apprehend sexuality by avoiding the traps that lead to premature ejaculation.

Through this small guide (very) practical and regularly updated, it explains how to discover another way of considering penetration, and helps you modify it to access a shared pleasure. This guide helps you understand why you are stuck in premature ejaculation or is too fast and helps you get out of it.



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