These guided conversations are intended to help you be in a positive communication process. A process that allows us to hear what the other is trying (often without success) to tell us.

The usual communication over time spent together often becomes poorer, and all too often resembles a struggle for persuasion: my arguments against your arguments, may the best win!

However, couple communication was never intended to convince the other, but on the contrary to expose their feelings and to receive those of the other. We know perfectly well how to do it at the start of a relationship! Changing the way you communicate allows you to enter a virtuous circle of communication. These conversations are there to help set up this new way of talking to you. They allow you to enrich your relationship and deepen your intimacy.

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Premature or too fast ejaculation affects 30% of men. It can devastate your self-esteem or your relationship. However premature ejaculation is not inevitable! Nor is it a disease. It is a failure to learn sexuality together. Without even knowing it, you repeat a sexual behavior which causes you irreparably to trigger your ejaculation much faster than you and your partner would like. This guide is here to help you understand what to do and what not to do to control your excitement and what you need to learn to change it. It reviews the various existing methods, it sorts those which work and those which make you waste your time and discourages you.

7 page guide with a clear explanation of the main behaviors to learn to ejaculate less quickly.



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